Empowering African girls and women with the ability to access decent job opportunities within the future workplace and the right skills and support structure to enable them start and scale technology-enabled businesses and deep tech startups

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The Women Techsters initiative, an initiative of Tech4Dev is aimed at bridging the digital and technology knowledge divide between men and women as well as ensuring equal access to opportunities for all. We are empowering girls and women across Africa with varying degree of digital, deep tech and soft skills required within the technology ecosystem. Our objective is to grow and support an army of tech empowered girls and women across Africa who will have equal access to decent job opportunities as well as build and scale their ideas into tech-enabled business and deep tech startups, which will aid Africa’s economic growth.


  • To provide the prerequisite knowledge and insight needed to enable girls and women interested in careers in technology access the right learning opportunities
  • To enable girls and women gain access to decent jobs within the technology ecosystem
  • To empower girls and women with the right skills needed to create, grow and scale their own technology-enabled businesses and deep tech startups, while providing them with a strong entrepreneurship support structure within their respective communities across Africa

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